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Based in Buford, Harlow's Vegan Cupcakes specializes in 100% vegan treats sourced from quality, organic ingredients.

About Harlow's

Harlow's Vegan Cupcakes specializes in 100% vegan cupcakes sourced from quality, organic ingredients. We are committed to creating delicious, cruelty-free desserts that you can enjoy without compromising taste. We never use artificial flavors, colors or processed ingredients.

Our scrumptious treats make it easy to satisfy your taste buds, while honoring your conscious. So yummy. So delicious. You'll never taste the difference!

A Mother-Daughter Team

Harlow’s is a mother-daughter duo bringing delicious vegan cupcakes into the world—or at least to the metro Atlanta area! But where did it all begin?  

At the young age of 12, my mom signed up for a home economics class at her school in rural England. It was here where she learned the fundamentals of British baking and a spark was ignited.

Her interest in baking led her to follow in the footsteps of her own mother, who would rise early every Sunday morning to prepare a huge meal, followed by desert for the family. This was known as the tradition of Sunday teatime. As my Nana cooked, my mom took on the role of baking cakes and tarts for the family as they gathered for Sunday tea.



Growing up, my mom was always surrounded by animals…rabbits, gerbils, goats, horses, ducks, tortoises—you name it! It was her compassion for animals that caused her to become concerned with their welfare, and she began to question why animals should need to suffer at all.

Years later, my mom would also instill in me this compassion. We both became more interested in living a lifestyle where no animals would be harmed in the process.

Eventually, this way of life transcended into my mom’s baking as she began concocting all sorts of sweet treats without using any eggs or dairy product. We were both fascinated that something could look and taste so delicious without harming any animals.

Being the always-more-than-willing taste tester that I am, I sampled my mom’s deserts. The result was always the same. Her creations were so good that I would half-jokingly suggest that she open her own bakery. Then one day, I asked why not? Why shouldn’t we offer a product so amazingly delicious, yet cruelty free?

So now we’re working together to bring this once-dream into a reality.

Having a background in English/journalism, I love stories. And so here I am sharing with you the story of Harlow’s.     

One last thing—whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or an omnivore, our cupcakes are meant to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, regardless of your dietary choices.



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